On August 9, 2016, The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), released a report addressing “myths” about its organization. The document aimed to clarify “ICER’s history, mission, and methods while re-emphasizing the important role patients play in all ICER value assessment reports.” In our opinion, This version for printing is very nicely packaged misinformation with exceptional graphic design and well-chosen stock photographs. ICER’s need to distribute a report clarifying its mission and methods immediately calls into question the legitimacy of its tagline that it is “a trusted organization”.

The ICER-published fact sheet to address multiple “myths” failed to provide key pieces of information that the public is entitled to know. Without being fully transparent, how can the public trust the organization? Because more than half of insurance companies – including Express Scripts and Blue Shield of California – now base their drug coverage decisions on ICER’s reports, it’s alarming that there isn’t any statutory oversight, fact-checking and worst of all, transparency within that process.

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