On Monday, July 19th, the Pioneer Institute and the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) will host a virtual webinar, titled: Policy Measures on Drug Value: Does ICER’s Approach Improve Patient Access & Equity?

The event will feature prominent experts in a discussion about the policy landscape on treatment value and access and how ICER-centric policy proposals could impact patients, equity, and innovation. 

Speakers will include:

  • William “Bill” Smith, PhD, Visiting Fellow in Life Sciences, Pioneer Institute
  • Wayne Winegarden, Senior Fellow in Business & Economics, Pacific Research Institute 
  • Gary Puckrein, PhD, President & CEO, National Minority Quality Forum
  • Anna Hyde, Vice President of Advocacy & Access, Arthritis Foundation
  • Gunnar Esiason, Director of Patient Outreach, Boomer Esiason Foundation