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THE LAST WORD: ICER’s Assessment of Tirzepatide for Type 2 Diabetes

ICERWatch Analysis

Continuing with its flawed methods and approach, ICER offers an admittedly premature assessment of a new treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. 

ICERWATCH: ICER’s Latest Backtracking Illuminates Inconsistent Policies & Practices

ICERWatch Analysis

In a recent draft evidence report, ICER doubles down on its flawed assessments and methodology. 

The Last Word: ICER’s Assessment of Treatments for Myasthenia Gravis

ICERWatch Analysis

In its latest Final Evidence Report, ICER once again ignores patient perspectives and applies its flawed modeling approach to review new treatments for myastheinia gravis. 

The Last Word: ICER’s Reassessment of Treatments for Hereditary Angioedema

ICERWatch Analysis

In its latest final evidence report, ICER looks to reassess its previous analysis of treatments for hereditary angioedema. Unfortunately, ICER still hasn’t addressed the flaws in its underlying methodologies. 

The Last Word: ICER’s Review of Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis

ICERWatch Analysis

In its latest final evidence report, ICER overlooks key factors and utilizes its flawed methodology in evaluating new eczema treatments.   

The Last Word: ICER’s review of aducanumab as a treatment for alzheimer’s disease 

ICERWatch Analysis

In another final report, ICER puts its flawed methodology to work as it evaluates new treatment options of Alzheimer’s patients.  

ICER’s MOney Problem: A Self-Appointed ‘Drug Pricing Czar’

Op-Ed in RealClearHealth

Editorial by Terry Wilcox, Executive Director of Patients Rising, and William Smith of the Pioneer Institute

The Last Word: ICER’s review of Anti-B-Cell Maturation Antigen CAR T-Cell and Antibody Drug Conjugate Therapy for Heavily Pre-Treated Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myelomas

ICERWatch Analysis

In another final report, ICER uses its assumption-driven simulation models to conclude that two new treatments are not worth the cost.  

The last word: icer’s review of Benlysta and lupkunis for lupus nephritis 

ICERWatch Analysis

ICER’s flawed methodologies and impossible measurements continue unabated in its final report on treatments for lupus nephritis. 

damaged goods: imaginary icer value assessments and the department of veterans affairs (VA)

ICERWatch Analysis

The QALY is a mathematically impossible construct.  So what are the benefits — if any — of the collaboration between ICER and the Department of Veterans Affairs? 

the truth is out there: icer’s commitment to imaginary approximate information

ICERWatch Analysis

For ICER, evidence to support formulary decisions is created through imaginary simulation modeling, not through the standards of normal science.  This is not a sound basis for formulary decisions.


understanding measurement: why icer is wrong

ICERWatch Analysis

 ICER uses a reference case cost-per-QALY value assessment framework to evaluate treatment therapies.  There are a number of reasons this methodology is flawed and should not be used.  But the most fundamental issue is ICER does not seem to understand the limitations of measurement.

Abandoning icer lifetime QALYs

ICERWatch Analysis

The lieftime QALY should be abandoned.  And ICER’s reliance on the lifetime QALY makes ICER an unnecessary distraction.