Paul Langley, B.Sc. (Econ), M.A., Ph.D.

Lead Researcher

Dr. Paul Langley is a professional economist. His undergraduate training was in the UK with postgraduate training in Canada. Dr Langley has taught in the UK (University of Lancaster) and in Australia (La Trobe University) with visiting appointments at Carleton University, the University of Ohio, and the University of California-Irvine.

Following his undergraduate and graduate studies, Dr. Langley served as an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy, and the University of Colorado’s School of Pharmacy. He later worked as the U.S. and International Manager of Health Economics at 3M Pharmaceuticals, with worldwide responsibilities for economic evaluations as they apply to drug development, reimbursement and post-market entry support. During his time at 3M, Dr. Langley was appointed Adjunct Professor in the graduate faculty of the College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, an appointment he still holds today. He also manages Maimon Research, LLC, a boutique consulting company that works in major disease areas as well as advising on document management and minimum evidentiary standards for drug development decisions and reimbursement. In over 30 commentaries published in the University of Minnesota journal INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy, Dr. Langley has provided critiques of the current standards of claims evaluation, in particular the construction of non-evaluable cost-per-QALY models.