Patients Rising Now advocates on behalf of patients with life-threatening conditions and chronic diseases for them to have access to vital therapies and services. Access to treatments is a matter of survival for those patients, and a requirement for them to have better and more productive lives. We believe access spans affordability, insurance coverage, and physical access, and one of our main areas of work is analyzing information and publicly communicating those analyses.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our comments on ICER’s July 12th draft evidence report, “Antiandrogen Therapies for Nonmetastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Effectiveness and Value.” As we’re confident you understand, treatment options for prostate cancer presents patients with a complex array of possibilities. This has led to many shared decision support programs being developed specifically for prostate cancer.[i] We point this out at the beginning of our comments to highlight the very personal nature of making treatment decisions for prostate cancer, and the importance of communications and collaboration between a patient and their clinical team.

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