Blaming pharmaceutical companies for high drug prices should be a bipartisan affair. If lawmakers want to hold the responsible culprits accountable, they need to look at all sectors of the health care industry, including the insurance companies.

The Affordable Care Act can curb an insurer’s profit maximization strategy, which hurts patients. But that hasn’t happened.

Insurers are shifting costs to customers, including higher out-of-pocket prescription costs, higher copays, and skyrocketing premiums and deductibles. As a result, many Americans have seen their health care costs increase in the past year. Small organizations, like our 11 employee operation, are faced with a 17 percent premium hike next year, raising our already high premium to more than $700 per month for a single employee and almost $1,300 for a family.

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About the Author

Seth Ginsberg is co-founder and president of Global Healthy Living Foundation.